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Animal Rights

This song is by Inspectah Deck, features House Gang and appears on the album Resident Patient (2006).

Marksmen Productions, House Gang, Animalz
U.D.'z... I.N.S., I see you, daddy (we on the rise)
Diz' I see you, daddy, hold ya head, B.S.
Big Den, London, rest in peace Why Million

(Chorus: Carlton Fisk)
It don't matter if it's heaven or hell, dead or in jail
You put me there, and I'm all right (Animal rights)
It don't matter what hood, I'm good, any state, I'm straight
I'm getting cake, and I'm all right (Animal rights)
It don't matter what habit or ghetto, classic or metal
I got mine, and I'm all right (Animal rights)
It don't matter where you from or you at, nigga, front and get clapped
I stay strapped, and I'm all right (Animal rights)

Carlton Fisk:
House Gang clap together, wack whoever
Porsche Kayan, '04, the color of pepper
See you fronting when I pass through, my plate got cameras
I'mma House Gang, Animal, nobody can handle us
Roam the strip, quicker than ya Nextel flip
Run ya lips, I'm not the next to trick
Overnight, bagging extra clicks, war inferred submachine
Extra clips, mini stash lab, extra kicks
I'm on G street, rolling the purple
While these little niggaz pumping cracks, walking the circle
And some say I'm negative, somedays, and some way
I remind all these new niggaz of the old way
Trey eight special, dirty lurking in hallway
How could I be scared to death, when I'm not scared of death
Bitch, I'm prepared to rep, yeah, either you ride or ya done, let's go

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