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Lose to Night

This song is by Insomnium and appears on the album Shadows of the Dying Sun (2014).

And all the time we've struggled for
Without a reason or way out
All the grounds we've based our fight on
No one remembers anymore why

And all the blame that has gone into
To run in circles, stand fast still
And all the hatred we've poured into
To fill the trench between us

No more tears from me
These rivers run dry
No more fear in me
This heart's stone inside

And as the shadows give way to light
Grow and thrive
Every day must lose to night
Fade and die

And all the time we spent together
United as one on the same side
And despite the chink in the armour
We fought a good fight, we had our time

And it's a shame we let all precious
Gather rust, brittle and decay
Shame we had to kill all the graceful
To grasp what we really had there

Music by:

Ville Friman

Lyrics by:

Ville Friman

Featured artists:

Teemu Aalto: backing vocals, additional guitar

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