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Who Asked You

This song is by Insane Clown Posse and appears on the album The Ringmaster (1994).

Wickid klownz...(repeat)

Drank my last jug of dead bodie stew. paint my face,
Creep up in saing lou. noboby know what I'm about. walk
Around town with my guts hangin' out. chewin on toes, fuckin'
Dead hoes, bark at the moon ever time the wind blows. why do
I do the things tht I do? who are you fuckin' would fuck jerry lou too.
Fucked your mother at the motel 8. fingers in the booty, strawberry
Shake. daddy walks in and sees the sick clown. movin his buttcheeks
Up and down. nate tha mac and jumpsteady. rudeboy reaches cathy
Lee. I make rap rymes then make quick bucks. and everybody sucks
My nuts. SHUCKS! fuck jezzy jack, fuck jack jones, fuck jezzy jack
Jack jezzy jack jones. why do we do the things that we do? who the
Motherfuck asked you? why do we do the things that we do (repeat)

Never had life. always been dead. got a metal plate in the back of my
Head. lemon drops. lick lolly pops. I fuck redneck bitches at truck stops
Clown colors. Much clown love. found a body in the bath tub
(Mm gross) fuck tha police...??????????????????????????????????
My dingaling swings when I run down the block. no I don't sing in a rock
Band. (ya got a smoke? dude what's up man?) fuck john wayne. fuck
Wayne newton. fuck juice snooton ron hooton and epluton. why do we
Do the things that we do... now who the fuck asked you? (bitch)
Why do we do the things that we do? (repeat)

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