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Sheep Lovin'

This song is by Insane Clown Posse.

Spent fourty eight hours last week fuckin' dirty whores
I threw out my penis but I fucked 'em really fuckin' hard
They got me sayin'
"Fuck you bitch, you're a stupid dumb whore."
"I ain't seen your tits bounce around all year."
I'm gonna get my nine if I don't fuck some sheep
My long lost homey says I'm hittin' them too deep.

But I want it, I need it, can't get enough of it
I cum so hard
I can't find my condoms!
Don't know what it is bout that little sheep's lovin'
But I want it, I need it, can't get enough of it

My Momma and Daddy tried to fuck me up the ass
I said, "fuck you bitch get that strap-on away from me!"
Now I'm fuckin' up shit
And openin' up skulls
I'm fucking your Mom
And I'm fuckin' up whores
I'm crossing your arms, and countin' down to ten
Loadin' up my shotgun to blow you away!

Repeat Chorus

Gotta fuck my bitch... right now
Go pick her up to watch me cum
And she sits down on my face yeah
She grinds a little faster
This chick's raggin' in my mouth!!

Repeat Chorus

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