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I Stab People

This song is by Insane Clown Posse and appears on the album The Amazing Jeckel Brothers (1999).

i like to uhhh, um if its koo with Jake and Jack
i'd like to address the juggalos
(groan) on a uhh, personal matter
because its not all good

i mean things ain't always that koo
you know?
i mean i just wanna talk to u guys bout a problem i got
(creeeeeek) and maybe you can help me

i stab people 4-5 ppl every day
i tried to see a shrink to stop that shit but there aint no
i stabbed him, stabbed his nurse and his fuckin cat
stabbed them stabbed em all like that
i stab ppl i dunno i stabbed alex my maneger
(hahahaha) he was like what the fuck
i order food juss to stab the guy when he gets there
i dont care i stab any body anywhere uh uh there!

i stabbed the mail man he was pissed
he tried to mace me
I'm too quick with the stab, come on, come on chase me
I stabbed Twiztid, Jamie Madrox I stabbed them
Myzery stabbed me, ahh god damn him
I stab old people, old ladies, little kids I don't give a fuck
I stabbed a fat guy in the butt, hehe what?
I met Pete Rose, stabbed him twice in his nipple
I'm Violent J, I stab people
Maybe somebody can help me
Maybe somebody can help me
Maybe somebody can help me
Maybe somebody can help me

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