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Fuck Off!

This song is by Insane Clown Posse and appears on the album Forgotten Freshness Volumes 1 & 2 (1998).

Well it's on, it's on like neden ho fuck
I'm 2 Dope and I'm fuckin drunk
Walked in a joint with my nuts hangin out my drawers
All I wanna do is choke a bitch
Roll up a doobie and smoke the bitch
I dropped out of school when I quit my job
all I wanna be is a fat fuckin slob
Cause I don't care about none of y'all bitches
shut the fuck up and drop your britches
Cause I'm cloggin up bad a bank
cause I dont give a fuck about what none a y'all think
when I do show I wreck the place
I run around the states kickin bitches in the face
Cause I ain't nothin soft
So you and your boys can straight fuck off!

Suck my nuts, bitch fuck you
you can suck my nut sack yo
Suck my nuts, bitch fuck you
eat shit and die stains tho
Suck my nuts, Bitch fuck you
you can kiss my ass crack bitch
Suck my nuts, bitch fuck you
Yo fuck you and yo momma ain't shit

Ah pizza boy pizza
I want a large extra cheese pizza
Here or delivery?
Ok your adress?
Yeah it's near the high school 232 FUCK OFF

When I was 8, I was on crack
I had Ms. Powertrain on her back
Fuckin after school every day
I turned that old bitches neden hairs gray
Cause the dope is allll that
My mother's a witch and my daddy's a hunchback
And nobody could fuck with me
I used to drive a hearse to school G
With a stiff hangin out the back
Bitch you ain't know shit about that
But it's one thing that I hate
It's always been hard for me to find a date
Cause I show up nice and neat
And then strangle them in the back seat!
Cause you know the shaggz ain't soft
If you don't like me you can fuck off

Wassup Violent J, the south west juggla
know what I'm sayin?
I walk into a bitch's house, walk up to they moms
Grab em by the face and say fuck off

Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
you and yo momma can suck my dick
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
And I'll slap your bitch ass quick
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
I could give a fuck less J
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
Cause you ain't worth shit to me

Violent J
The Mother fuckin blood suckin vampire
Please stomp on my head cause it's on fire
I got another funky rhyme So let me kick it

No fuck off bitch this is my record
I walk up like a mental case
and start throwin left hooks at your face
I won't mix no rap with rock and roll
like sombody else I know
Bitch boy, you can suck my sack
and after that you can kiss my ass crack
damn freaks you ain't all that
titties aint shit but sacks a fat bitch
Cause if you really wanna know what I think
I think yo neden stink like a fish tank
so in the early cracks of dawn
Take ya two fat sacks a shit and get the fuck on
best leave me a dollar for faygo bitch
or I'ma have to bust you in yo fuckin lips
so next time you think I'm soft
I hope you remeber to fuck off

Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
All you bitches hate me anyway
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
so you can suck my nuts all day
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
You can lick my nut sack twice
Suck my nuts bitch fuck you
You can suck my fuckin dick

I'll say one thing, baby.
When carol said you were a kooky nympho cunt, she sure as hell wasn't kidding!
Well, that's it til next time bitch.

Suck my nuts bitch fuck you x11


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