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Do It

This song is by Insane Clown Posse.

Got the hurt
What the hurt
Got the juice
Let's see you do it

Come on just do it
Come on just do it

Could you, would you
Walk to the tracks
With the thought you wont be back
You left your note dont contemplate
And stop the train with your face

Could you, would you
Steal a ride
Collect your homies Southwest side
Pull up storefront for a job
Your boy got shot, what went wrong?

Could you, would you
See a bitch
And know for a fact you ain't get shit (Trick)
Beat that ass I'll say it's Nate
Now you a blues, chillin up state

Could you, would you
Clutch a knife
And randomly take someone's life
Grab the neck and cut right through it
Come on big man here's your knife
Do it!

Come on just do it (x5)

Would you, could you
Walk behind
Some old lady deaf and blind
Push her down and snatch her shit
Not even knowing that she raised her grandkids

Would you, could you
Get some pills
Valium, Percocet, Nyquils
Take them all when you're alone
Knowing dawn well someone's coming home

Would you, could you
Cop a magnum
Go to school with one intention
Everybody freeze, on your knees, hold it
Dumb motherfucker, forgot to load it

Would you, could you
Get a blade
Feel all bad cause you got a little played
Got a beef? Many blew it
Here's your wrist and blade
Now do it!

Come on just do it (x5)

Do you have the heart?
Do you have the soul?
When it boils down to it
Are you able to do it?
Do you have a conscience?
Do you live in fear?
When it boils down to it
Are you able to do it?

Come on just do it (x10)

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