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Behind The Paint

This song is by Insane Clown Posse and appears on the album Bizaar (2000).

*Clips from Shockumentary*

Remember me bitch? 8th grade
Oak Park skinny ass welfare aid
Utsler and Bruce brothers we was the shit
Dungeons & Dragons, and Bruce Lee flicks
Quit school, nobody missed us
Nobody hugged and kissed us, only dissed us
And now look at these beautiful model type high class women
Taking my dick in them
You don't remember my kind in class
The wigged out freak staring at your ass
Never had the courage to even say hi
Only smell your perfume vapors when you walked by
I'm the scrub that never crossed your mind
Now your flashing your titties at me waiting in line
And that's fine, while you're working your charm
Look beneath the paint bitch, it's the scrubs who won

(Over Shockumentary/news clips)
Look at me, Look at me
Analyze what you see
Look at me, Look at me
Analyze what you see

They used to say "Ah-hah, look at him",
"The same pair of pants and that shirt again."
An outcast, I knew I had to do something
Figure out a way to make something out of nothing
Open up shop, yo what you need?
Speakers, clothes, CDs, or bags of weed?
But that shit got me no where except jail
Me and all my homies too broke to make the bail
Now we're right back to the place where we started
Chuckles and laughs
The second we turn our backs
Cast out, but we was like FUCK YA'LL
We got each other at the drop of a homie call
Look at us now bitch, multi-platinum
All on my dick, when I'm the same as back then
Forget the money and fame, because
Beneath the paint, life's just like it always was

(over Shockumentary/news clips)
Look at me, Look at me
Analyze what you see
Look at me, Look at me
Analyze what you see

Another girl I don't dare to confide in
Playin' that role it hurts inside
Here I am thinkin' she wants me (uh-uh)
She only wants that killer on her CD
Just when I couldn't feel any worse
Bitch asked me if I could paint my face first
The day I finally get to leave this land
Behind the paint will be the shell of a used up man
*Repeat chorus and last line till fade*

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