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This song is by Insane Clown Posse, features The Jerky Boys and appears on the album The Amazing Jeckel Brothers (1999).

You know who your fuckin wit?
W-W-W-W-W-W-W Wicked Clown
You know who your fuckin with?
W-W-W-W-W-W-W Wicked Clowns
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns
Dont Fuck With me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(4)
Dont Fuck with me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns
As i walked the river rouge i saw this man
he was cubba he was butta snatced his jewelry and ran
I caught up with Nate and said i think its worth a grand
He smiled and he giggled and he shook my hand
The jam is goin down I need the money so im giddy
The fuckin snake was cruel and they gave was $750
My momma threw me out, I called my sister a whore
Now my house is abandoned, my bed is the floor
Its been a week I havent eaten, I starve and I crawl
Saw my teacher Mrs. Elena up at Wellington Mall
I broke into her Dotson and jumped in the back
And waited for that bitch and put my shank to her neck
She offered her car keys, cried, and said please
She promised not to tell, and give me As and Bs
I said I want your money bitch and all i can sell
I looked into her eyes, and she was SCARED AS HELL!
I knew she was a snitch so I cut off her tounge
Im happy with the trigger now im on the run
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(2)
Dont Fuck With Me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(4)
Dont Fuck With Me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(2)
You Know Who Your Fuckin Wit?
W-W-W-W-W-W-W Wicked Clowns(2)
My Father was a preist cold blooded hes dead
Hipocrite, he was a bigot so i cut off his head
Pour down the holy water, bless the dead is what i said
And heard the demons screamin as his body bled
Now im drunk on the freeway just the other day
I saw a fine hitchhiker and i wanted to play
Pulled up to the curb so i could offer a ride
She said thanks, I said no thang and she got inside
Im peepin and Im creepin im packin an erection
Im steerin with my dick im like LOOK which direction
Made it to her ave, she got out and said seeya
Yo babe like wont you chill and help me kill this 2 liter
Went into my trailer, i filled up a glass
Before she took a sip I had my dick in her ass
I banged it and banged it the shit was abserd
Like she was Sporty Spice and i was some fuckin nerd
Then she rolled over and gave me a kiss
and said "so when am i gettin paid" WHAT BITCH!
First i tried to choke her she went to the door
and said "Welcome to the disease theres no cure for"
Bitch i love you but now you gotta die
I chased her through the door but she slamed it in my eye
She passed by my boy and i knew he was straped
Billy pulled out his gun and shot that bitch in her back
Still butt booty i went for the hatchet
and screamed at the moon like a sick sykopatchic
chopin and chopin they said J What The Fuck!
On the news they found her head stuffed up her butt. WHAT
Im an Assassin
Haha a mother fuckin assassin
An Assassin
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(2)
Dont fuck with me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(4)
Dont Fuck With Me
Wicked Clowns Wicked Clowns(2)

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