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This Is It

This song is by Innosense and appears on the album So Together (2000).

I've always felt kinda special
Around you baby
But I know the reason
I've been feeling this way
Cause only you can light my fire
Only you can do me right

This it is
I think I'm losing my sense
And I can't get a grip
My heart is beat and I'm
Feelin' Alive
'Cause when I look into
Your eyes
I realize it's all about you
And I

It took some time but now I
Know what I must do
(I know what to do now)
Gotta find a way to get
Closer to you
Only you can light my fire
Only you can de me right

My friends keep tellin' me
That I should let you be
But if I listen to my heart
I know

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