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I Wish

This song is by Innosense and appears on the album So Together (2000).

I wish

Hey when we met that day
I was thinking that I wanted
to know you
Hey we had so much to say
i was thinking i wanted to
go with you
Oh i..never felt this
way before
oh i..never wanted
anyone more
But some where there's a
lucky star
listening to my heart


I wish
everynight when i close my eyes
i wish
i was your and you could be mine
i wish
mor than anything at the
top of my list
and i hope that one day
"i love you" you'll say
that is
what i wish what i wish

Hey when i'm all alone
i dream about you constantly
hey don't you know everyone knows
i've fallen for you hopelessly
oh i..wonder how
you'd react baby
but if i kissed you would
you kiss me back
somewhere there's a
luck star
listening to my heart


I believe if you wish
hard enough
You never can tell
I'd even throw a penny down
into a wishing into a
wishing into a wishng well

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