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Still Loving You

This song is by Innerlude and appears on the album Music Within (1999).

ooo yes
oo i miss you
oh yes i do

I sit in my room,
thinkin' about you
wishin' that you, mm
were right here with me
along with the memories,
of you in my heart
i can't believe
you walked out on me
then turn your back on me

I'm gonna go on
still lovin' you
for the rest of my life
till the day that I die
I'll go on
still lovin' you (lovin' you)
maybe inside
when you'll realize, I love you

oo yeah

open your eyes up to me
I'm just a lonely man do all I can
so take another chance
thats all i ask of you
girl we had our ups and owns
but thats all behind us now
if you dont want me to be a man
trust me girl ill understand


although your not here
everynight girl I pray for your love
I'm on my knees
I'm beggin' you please
baby I want you to stay

**chorus x2**

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