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I Miss You

This song is by Innerlude and appears on the album Music Within (1999).

thought i heard your voice yesterday
and when i turned around to say
that i loved you babe
i realized, it was just my mind
playing tricks on me

it seems colder lately at night
and i try to sleep with the lights on
and every time the phone rings
i pray to god its you
i just can't believe
that we're through

i miss you ( i do miss you)
there's no other way to say it
and i, and i can't deny it
i miss you (i'm missing you)
and its so easy to see
i miss you and me

is it done and over this time
have we really changed our minds
and the feelings that we used to share
i refuse to believe
that you don't care


i've got to gather my senses together (together baby)
i've been through worse kinds of weather
if its over now, be strong
i cant believe, that you're gone
i just can't live without you


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