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Take The Kiss

This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Supernature (2000).

You are burning with temptation
I will be your desolation
I am stronger than your resistance
I am your annihilation
I'm the spider and you're the fly
In my embrace you will die
In the rapture of earthly love
I'll take you to the stars above

Come and take the kisss
To free you from the summer sun
Come and take the kisss
Forget the rest for I'm the one

I am here in your dreamscape
I have come to seal your fate
You are yearning for my touch
Both of lust and of love
Take the pain, take the torture
This is fate, fate and fortune
Ascending on the astral plane
To heaven, hell and back again

Come and take the kiss
To free you from the summer sun
Come and take the kiss
Forget the rest I am the one
Come and know the bliss
Eternal youth, eternal hunger
Take my deadly lips of freezing fire and silent thunder

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