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This song is by Inkubus Sukkubus and appears on the album Wild (1999).

A poor farmer boy
To the wars he goes
With his fathers pride
And his mothers tears
And he goes a virgin
To both women and blood
He will turn a monster
Mad, crippled and blind

And his name is Atrocity (2x)

Soon they will teach him
How to love the war
And how to kill
For a piece of rag
The burned out houses
The murdered babies
The gangraped children
Shall be his calling card

And his name is Atrocity (4x)

And he shall make orphans
And widows too
And he will torture
With a smile on his face
And he will take sons from others
Fill their world with pain
And he will take brothers from sisters
Lay his soul to waste

And his name is Atrocity (4x)

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