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This song is by Iniquity Rhymes and appears on the album Destyn (2015).

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Dear Iniquity, you must be tired, I hope you read this
But if you do and choose to reply? Yo I won't believe it
I'm your toughest fan, but nothing like that stuff with Stan
And Eminem, won't smother man- I respect you, I'm far from grievous

Damn, I remember when I heard you, Jesus...
You ripped the beat in pieces, put some sorta faith in heathens
You deserved that shout out in Woody's
March Madness, your habits destroyed the canvas

Don't get caught up in drugs like that dude from Glee did!

Rest in peace, it's crazy where these hazy stories leave us
But you always seem to find your way, "Her Name Is", "Leap of Faith"
Just lead my way, and "Up in Flames" is my favourite piece of
Yours that's recent, you give us hope Derek, don't pause we need ya!

Your lyrics speak to me, your rhymes always flow like faucets
Even when you're down your bars seem flawless
Upon our souls, you're leaving your mark that'll mold achievements
From your fans, uphold appeasement

If You held a concert we'd raise our hands, no one loathes this evening!

Just save yourself
I will only let you in to break you down
I'm a monster
I've become a monster

Dear Iniquity, I know it's been a couple months

It's 'cause of you I started a channel, 10k subs, it's nothing much
But they love me, I'll go nuts if anyone tries to top me
There's nothing but fakes in this game
Who ain't ready for this reining uppercut

I want you to know I make it, with your help I toughened up
Even though you turned down my collab offer, no grudge, enough, it's done
You should see the views I get, I barely have any time for fun
Scheduling uploads on the daily- I'm someone now, my binds are gone

Yo Derek, how's this for clarity?
You'd get more if you'd reupload trailers, and made some parodies
I'm sorry for nagging B, but your view counts are slacking
Peacefully rapping? See you should be using your talent for stacking Gs

But don't let me dictate what happens, seize the moment
Take advantage, squeeze opponents till there's nothing but agony
Do you really think you can't and won't be stopped?
I can do this better, you watch me prove it at the top!

Just save yourself
I will only let you in to break you down
I'm a monster
I've become a monster

Dear Iniquity, I know I came off as a jerk
The truth is, I passed you in subs, but Karma was fast at work
As you were staying true to your morals, surpassing worth
I lashed at earth, thought I had control, but I'm just a passenger

I'm nearing 200k man, but when that occurred
It's the sorry fact that I learned: my friendships had been massacred
My fans have turned to foes, I feel like my casket's cursed
We haven't exchanged words since the very dawn of my channel's birth

I lost my way, I lost my passion, but gained
Fame along the way, while becoming a monster, far from spectacular
I also came to terms with my demons, ashamed
I even disliked your tracks out of jealousy, man, and I'm trapped, it hurts

This blast in girth resulted in mass exertion of mind, I'm alone
Why don't they like me? Feel like I'm on my last alert
I used to care about quality, wanted peace, but I'm a hypocrisy
Mostly faded, feel like I'm 'bout to burst!

This'll be the last time you hear from me
Money and fame isn't everything, shoulda listened, you said it first
I cared more about the finish line rather than the journey to it
I acted foolish, now in the shadows, I will lurk

I used those above me, they're just the same, but I'm the only one
With the balls to admit that I've changed, watching scum disperse
I should be the topic for your next song...
Call it the Forgotten Commentator, I'm still here, but I'm gone!

Just save yourself
I will only let you in to break you down
I'm a monster
I've become a monster

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