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Bars for Thought

This song is by Iniquity Rhymes and appears on the album Destyn (2015).

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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3.

You worry about search tags, while I focus on the content
Don't lose sight doing covers covering yourself, or get that parody mindset
I hope to discover- Not needing wealth, my mind's set
On the youth who are crying out for help, I rap with substance

Iniquity, a blind threat
Welcome- To Bars for Thought

A lot of them think I discovered luck
That I upload music here and there for views, to collect a couple bucks
But to me that's icing on the cake, the money's nothing much
Precisely why I don't design cheesy thumbnails with some bubble butts

I'm tough enough, don't need to buckle up
I self erupt the cypher, bring life to the public with that subtle touch
You see, it's you who needs to worry, and embrace self-
I'll disgrace hell with my flame spell, spitting embers when the rumble comes

It's with music I became alive
That's why it stresses me the hell out every night, at times I can't provide
The tunes take time to find the light, behooves my mind to fight the righteous
Confused thoughts and asinine, excuses why I cannot rhyme

But I battle through emotion, 'cause I know there's room to grow
Try to dabble with the motion of words, must perfect the flow
Ignore the hate, continue where I left off- that's defeating foes:
I'm cloud to their sephiroth, their final fantasy's a lethal dose (he heh)

Yeah, I'm all up in your paint:
There's too many on the fence who contemplate, and suffer from pain
Your gluttonous brain is what you should blame, now what you create
Is all for the fame- tell me, is it worth it to be something you ain't?

Nah, excuse my grammar, to be something you're not
You're the nail to life's hammer, but there's plenty time to replot
Before you contaminate, examine, wait, eradicate the fabrications
That you tell yourself now, or you're bound to be topped:

Bars for Thought

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