Ingram Hill:Waste It All On You Lyrics

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Waste It All On You

This song is by Ingram Hill and appears on the album June's Picture Show (2004).

She makes her way up to the front door
Completely numb when she hears my voice
Her burdened eyes show signs of light now
To me there's nothing there but cold

When everything is changed
Can it be the same

I'm sorry but this just feels right
Something happened just last night
There's nothing anymore
I finally think I've found myself
Love has fallen somewhere else
I know it must be true

I pace across the bedroom floor
Numbness comes with a rage of fire
I blankly look up at the heart of a stone
These two months nothing but a lie

How can it be the same
When you know everything is changed

Broken trust can never be regained
It was never there to start
I have my reasons why
Not to waste it all on you

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