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​This Disgusting Revelation

This song is by Ingested and appears on the album The Surreption (2011).

I want you to die,
I wanna be there for your final breath.
As your heart stops pumping blood
And your body cries out for death.
You are my betrayer,
The truth is out you can't fucking admit.
'Cause if your skin was made of glass you'd see you're full of shit.
You're bleeding your lies, you'll never tell one more.
You'll beg to fuck me that won't save you, you disgusting whore.
You think you're in control, you're not controlling me.
Just shut your fucking mouth,
You won't exist I will be free.
You fucking piece of shit, I will be free
I am the one with his hand on the trigger,
Just make one fucking move, I'll decorate this place with your face.
The monster that I've become, all 'cause of you.
This creature on the outside has come from the inside.
It won't rest 'cause it's obsessed with watching your soul die.
I'll watch you die.
The only way you'll leave you slag is in a zipped bodybag.
You never learn, food for the worms.
Your fate is for your lies, and now you're rotting for the flies,
Now fester in the ground like the carcass you are.
One less cunt on the face of this planet.
One more cunt buried down in granite.
Left to rot the maggots feast.
Recognised by broken teeth.
Mangled bitch a tragic caase.
Gunshot wounds inside your face.
False truths.
The only way you'll leave you slag is in a zipped bodybag.
You never learn, food for the fucking worms.
The worms.
The worms.
You will not forget me, mine is the last face you'll ever see, fucking Judas,
You tried to win but you won't succeed.
One less cunt on the face of the earth,
One more cunt rotting deep in the dirt.
Dead in the ground.

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