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​The Consequence

This song is by Ingested, features Alex Erian and appears on the album The Surreption (2011).

I am your fucking nightmare,
Obscene and dangerously unhinged,
Feeding from your fear of me.
Outbursts, of violence, hatred that resides in me.
Seething, pure anger, you run but you can't hide,
I will find you.
Bleeding, and weeping, suffer like the pig you are.
You'll scream, you'll cry, you'll beg for my forgiveness.
There's none, to give.
This time you'll get what you deserve, no mercy shown.
Repent, regret, your life has reached it's sunset.
What got you here? Reflect upon the man you are.
Your life is over, your choices sealed your fate.
You better run kid, you'll pay for what you did.
No way out, you'll fall without a doubt,
So play dead off with your head.
Your days are numbered
Cut you up, bag you up, game over.
No more words out of your mouth.
Cut you up, bag you up throw you out.
I can't be ignored.
I can't be ignored.
I cannot be ignored, I dwell inside your conscience.
No way to salvation, you'll seek your fate through me.
Stand there weeping for the one to return.
The one to seal your doom.
On your knees beg to me try to save your soul,
I wanna see the regret on your face when you die.
The consequence
The consequence
I've come to claim your soul.
Your soul is mine.
I want to fuck all of your prophecies,
Your existence stripped.
Your soul is mine.
Pay for your sins, you'll dwell in misery,
This is the consequence.
Fucking nightmare, obscene and dangerously unhinged,
Claiming corpses.
Outbursts, of violence, hatred that resides in me.
Show no mercy, beware there's no stopping my killing spree.
Suffer, I'll make you suffer.

Music by:


Lyrics by:

Ingested / Alex Erian / Jason Evans

Featured artists:

Alex Erian: guest vocals