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A Coming Unperceived

This song is by Ingested and appears on the album The Surreption (2011).

Seal your fate, the end is here prepare to suffocate,
This world is burning, this world will now cremate,
Ripped apart, the earth will crumble as you desecrate,
Annihilate, your world you'll decimate.

You've killed yourselves.

No one will praise the end,
No celebrations,
No way to save your lives,
I'm woken by your cries.

Raping the world of all life.

Burning away from inside,
Mortality of you is now over.

I will watch you suffer, I'll watch you burn to ash,
You'll see the smile on my face as the earth turns to glass.
Satiate, my hatred as the human race cremates,
Not your Messiah, I'm your Pariah.

The human race is burning, you'll beg to me,
To save you from your fate, I'll kill you all and set you free.

Set you free.

You're free.

Dying before my very eyes,
As fire rains down from the skies.

You, will not last through this opposition,
I'll bring an end, to this position.

Let the flesh burn, for those who want to see,
The true armageddon, they never prayed never wanted to find me.
Nothing lasts forever, incinerate suffocate unholy desecrate.
Nothing lasts forever, incinerate suffocate and desecrate.

I am not your God.

I'll watch you burn I'll watch you die.

I'll watch you burn I'll watch you die.

It's all over, a burnt shell.

This planet, is cremated, incinerated.

I walk where gods tread.

My soul is dead.

I'll claim this world for my own.

Immortal but alone, I'll rule this world of stone.

Devoid of all affection, I will be the surreption.

This is a sign of the end,

How this world will burn and die,

In the blink of an eye formed of ash,

A flash of light will erase this reality.

A coming unpercieved


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