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This song is by Infinity and appears on the album Son of Infinite (2006).

I have found the infinity everywhere
In the cry of the children
In the blade of a killer
In the eyes of a guiltless
Who's imploring for a little justice
Try you to and you'll find it in a simple song

Escape from fears of darkness
And ride to the sunshine of life
Forget the ghastly creatures
And shoot the monster in your mind
The strength is inside you
And also in your fantasy
Clench your fist and go along
It's not impossible for you

Look the infinity and make your choice of life
Infinity my melody I hear
Your silence in the night
No noise of war no people cry
There's only stillness in the sky
People say "I am alone" and that's true
But don't worry and go up to the infinity

The evil is waiting for you
But you are ready for the fight
He doesn't know you
And the power of your sword
Your weapon is the harmony
Insanity is Your only strength
You must win the clash in the land of fantasy
To the infinity and make your choice of life
People now are not alone

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