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Storm Of Impious Hatred

This song is by Infinitum Obscure.

Obscurity beckons and lightning strikes
Vindicating the extermination of fallacy and deceit.
Insatiable vengeance, the kindling to this raging battle
Of truth and honor

No Mercy shall be!
This unhallowed revelation of hate must prevail!
United by chaotic divinity to crush and burn the enslavers.

I bare thy storm of impious hatred
The continuing life force of the Sons of fire
We must reveal the purity of darkness
As lightning bolts show us the path
To the vast universal infinity

Gather for attack divine hordes of chaos
Together we become ONE in the absence of the light
In malicious unity we unleash eternal destruction
And we triumph as the blood of the weak is spilled

As the uncontrollable flames of the demon-storm
Incinerate the weak, an empty sky remains...

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