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Possessing the Fire

This song is by Infinitum Obscure and appears on the album Internal Dark Force (2006).

I am he, the one who dwells in raveging flames
The consuming flame of redemption
The only purest self
For freedom of the being resides within
Vanguish the resistant
The abominating truth of the imagination
Erradicate the ones who oppose
Our legion of infernal light!

Outward the illness of restriction
The storming wrath of immensity within
The chose of the wise
The reward is much in greatness

Self mastery upon the blackened skies
The dawn of the Apocalypse
Infinite desire of fulfilment
The distance that divides us from the inferior

Possessing the fire
Vanguish the oppresant

Acknowledge the impious fury of my inner will
As the river of anger flows...

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