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Beyond A Dying Sun

This song is by Infinitum Obscure.

All life has faded and light is swallowed by the fathomless darkness
Firestorms and lightning become the ALL
Unstoppable manifest of obliteration is unfurled

Worlds and worlds wither into oblivion
The extinction of the spiritless earth
By the roaring cracks of thunder ablaze

Nothing but death remains - termination of mortal space

The age of the elite beyond a dying sun
Sidereal rebirth of the purest force of life
Superior intellect and duality - redeemer of truth

Awaken to the new light...

Warriors of thunder animated by wisdom
Spawned by pain and suffering
To procreate the trans-demensional tranquility
And to follow the path of victory and honor

Unbridle the serpent of fire, as victors we rise

The age of the supreme beyond a dying sun.

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