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A Quest For Vengeance

This song is by Infinitum Obscure.

A once mighty empire
Formed of invincible pride, vision and devotion
But the unity of strength and determination
Has been corrupted and raped!

And you claim our realm to be yours?
We shall defend our mournful existence with our blood and our dreams
Enlightened by the fury and desire for destruction
The conquest is closer than ever before...

The battle rages...
Diminish and torment - this reaping Metal crusade
Our endless quest for vengeance

Solitude and wrath embrace me,
I'm a warrior of darkened pride!
The true meaning and devotion of my soul and mind
I rise in arms to defend this Ancient Cult of Death!

We won't be defeated,
Honesty and courage over all
We rage in fury
As we crush the skulls of the fucking weak

Worship Death...

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