India Irei:Ready For Love Lyrics

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Ready For Love

This song is by India Irei.

i am ready for love
why are you hidin from me
i'd quickly give my freedom
to be held in your captivity
i am ready for love
all of the joy and the pain
and all the time that it takes
just to stay in your good ??
lately i been thinkin your not ready for me
maybe you think i need to learn maturity
they say watch what you ask for
cuz you might recieve
but if you ask me tomorrow i'll say the same thing

i am ready for love
would you please lend me your ear
i promise i won't complain
i just need you to egknolwedge i am here

if you give me half the chance i'll prove this to you
i will be patient, kind, faithful and true
to a man who loves music
a man who loves art
respects the spirit world
and thinks with his heart ( my heart )

i am ready for love
if you take me in your hands
i will learn what you teach
and do the best that i can

i am ready for love
here with an offering of
my voice, my eyes, my soul, my mind
tell me what is enough
to prove i am ready for love

i am ready

music fades