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Seduce Me (English)

This song is by India.

kiss me now, baby please don't ever change
touch me, just touch me
hold me now, seduce me now

look at me, i wanna see it in your eyes
all the, all the passion
say you'll stay for just one night, carress me now
before the morning light, seduce me now

I know tomorow you'll be gone
so let me love you, til' the dawn
although it hurts me, i must be strong
before we say our last goodbyes
would ya love me for the last time
seduce me

because you are so deep inside my heart
you're a part of me, can't picture us apart
but to tell me now, that there's someone new
who is she? does she do it like us?
would you love me for the last time
seduce me

is it so wrong to love me once again?
once again?


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