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This song is by India.Arie and appears on the album Songversation (2013).

The worldAnnotate can be so cold but you are always warm
When my back is tight, you take me in your arms
You're the moral compass directing me to light
Ours the golden glow in the middle of my night

In recognition of the person that you are
In celebration of your heart

That's why I wanna give you your flowers now

You're the sacred in the face of the profane
You held the mirror up and helped me face the pain
Just like velvet covering my heart of glass
You're the reason I know that this, too, shall pass

For the gorgeous human being that you are
For helping me accept my scars

I hope that they brighten your life
The same way your smile brightens mine

My world had blown away and you are all that's left
You took the needle from the center of my chest

For the gorgeous human being that you are
For showing me I am a star

Written by:

India.Arie & Shannon Sanders

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