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Mesh Life / World Processor

This song is by Index and appears on the album Faith in Motion (1997).

Technically, this is only Mesh Life.
World Processor is the instrumental part (s).

Moving silent, connection,
DOS direction,
Cross-talk section
Mesh nine, think to survive
Mesh dive network lurk live
Mutate translate shifting ROM
Name waveframe
Blue nine divine go
Mesh life intellectrosiris

Sel-Syn social backlash
Hack culture track headcrash
Auto matrix flicks
Switch click
Movement vanguard electronic
Logicalogrodesic dawn
Trip mobius strip city
Blackout devout
Blue nine divine DOS iris
Mesh life intellectrovirus

False prophets intersect with
Artificial intellect
Our third world simulation is
Power wrought from
Humans are the global blood
The seed from which
Instead will bud,
Plastic ocean
Skies and land,
With drastic motion dies the man,
Never moving back to pick up the slack
We'll lose the pace,
Our race way of track
Virga down over town under skylines
Waiting people
Voices, deadlines
On the fringe of society
Outcasts numb to propriety
You, mine, divine
No virus
Mesh life, mesh knife go virus

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