Incubus:Monuments And Melodies (2009)

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Compilation album by Incubus.
Disc A: Monuments
  1. Black Heart Inertia (Previously unreleased)
  2. Drive (from Make Yourself)
  3. Megalomaniac (from A Crow Left of the Murder)
  4. Anna Molly (from Light Grenades)
  5. Love Hurts (from Light Grenades)
  6. Wish You Were Here (from Morning View)
  7. Warning (from Mornig View)
  8. Stellar (from Make Yourself)
  9. Talk Shows on Mute (from A Crow Left of the Murder...)
  10. Pardon Me (from Make Yourself)
  11. Dig (from Light Grenades)
  12. Oil and Water (from Light Grenades)
  13. Are You In? (from Mornig View)
  14. Nice to Know You (from Mornig View)
  15. Midnight Swim (Previously unreleased)
Disc B: Melodies
  1. Neither of Us Can See
  2. Look Alive (from the Japanese edition of Light Grenades)
  3. While All the Vultures Feed (Previously unreleased)
  4. Pantomime (Previously unreleased version of the song from Alive at Red Rocks)
  5. Anything (Previously unreleased)
  6. Punch Drunk (from the Japanese edition of Light Grenades)
  7. Admiration (from the soundtrack Stealth 2005)
  8. Martini (Previously unreleased)
  9. A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic) (Previously unreleased)
  10. Monuments and Melodies (Album Version) (from Alive at Red Rocks)
  11. Let's Go Crazy (Prince cover) (previously unreleased)
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