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Deep Waters

This song is by Incognito and appears…

Deep Waters

It is a crime for me to be feeling this way
I'm going out of my mind and theres chang from a runaway love

Is it a dream(is it a dream)
That I'm throwing in the wishing well.
I'm losing control body and soul
Standing here waiting for a train that may never come

I saw the signs I read the book I should of had a second look
But boy you caught me dreaming
And there were times you'd come around and we agreed to just be friends
Tell me who was foolin who.

Deep waters Im drowning deep waters slowly drowning deeper(repeat once)

What do I say (what can i say)
When words have failed me before
What do I do when I'm feeling so blue
And theres no place for me to run and hide.

I saw the sun inside your smile and wished for more than just a while
Cuz boy you caught me dreaming
A giant step into the dark we threw caution to the wind
Tell me who was fooling who.

MMMM I'm drownin

Deeper deeper deeper I'm drowning deeper

Oh I saw the signs I read the book I should have had a second look
Cuz boy you caught me dreamin
And there are times you come around and we'd agreed to just be friends
Tell me who was really foolin who


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