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This song is by In Flames and appears on the album Colony (1999).

A sad song it was,
Through renewal it brought
And a month seems sometimes shorter
Than a half nights longing

Hidden and hard are the reasons for war
Polar twist, invert and flee

I can't dissolve this feeling of mine
But patience will unlock the door
And the maps of reasons re-written for me
When the wait is over and the punishment is due
Each day I crawl to the hall of the giants

And I beg for mercy -
And I beg for mercy in vain
One night is a mare - two is worse
How can I manage three?

The song seems to be an interpretation of the Old Norse myth, "Skirnir's Journey." Many of the lyrics are taken almost word-for-word from the poem; for example, the poem ends with the verse: “Long is one night, long are two, How shall I bear three? Often a month to me has seemed less Than half one of these pre-marital nights.”

All four lines of this verse can be found, slightly altered, in the lyrics of this song.