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In Fear and Faith (2006)Edit

In Fear And Faith - In Fear and Faith EP

In Fear And Faith EP

  1. Live Heart Die
  2. There Be Pirates Among These Seas (Demo)
  3. No Chance (Of Walking Away Without A Scratch) (Demo)
  4. Bite The Bullet And Pray To God

Voyage EP (2007)Edit

In Fear And Faith - Voyage EP

Voyage EP

  1. Pack Your Bags, We Leave at Dawn
  2. There Be Pirates Among These Seas
  3. The Taste Of Regret
  4. Corsair
  5. No Chance (of Walking Away Without a Scratch)
  6. Silence is Screaming
  7. Live Love Die

Your World On Fire (2009)Edit

In Fear And Faith - Your World On Fire

Your World On Fire

  1. Intro
  2. Pirates... The Sequel
  3. Your World on Fire
  4. The Taste of Regret
  5. The End
  6. The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions (featuring Craig Owens)
  7. You Already Know You're a Goner
  8. Live Love Die
  9. Strength In Numbers (featuring Jeremey McKinnon)
  10. Relapse Collapse

Imperial (2010)Edit

In Fear And Faith - Imperial


  1. The Solitary Life
  2. Bones
  3. I Know You Know
  4. Bought the Ticket, Took the Ride
  5. Pursuit
  6. Once Is Enough
  7. Counselor
  8. Heavy Lies the Crown
  9. Let It Out
  10. Eleventwentyfour
  11. Afterthought
  12. The High Life
  13. Live Love Redeux

Symphonies (2011)Edit

In Fear And Faith - Symphonies


  1. Novus Intium
  2. Bones (featuring Nick Martin)
  3. The High Life
  4. The Taste Of Regret (feat. Tyler "Telle" Smith of The Word Alive)
  5. The Solitary Life (featuring Caleb Shomo)
  6. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions (feat. Craig Owens of Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows)
  7. Silence Is Screaming

In Fear And Faith (2012)Edit

In Fear And Faith-In Fear And Faith

In Fear And Faith

  1. Intro
  2. The Calm Before Reform (featuring Dave Stephens)
  3. A Silent Drum
  4. Look What You Made Me Do
  5. Soul Survivor
  6. A Creeping Dose
  7. It All Comes Out (On The Way Down)
  8. Enigmatic
  9. Dream Catcher
  10. You Had Your Chance
  11. Last Man Stranded
  12. Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Non-Album SongsEdit

  1. Gangsta's Paradise (cover of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio)
  2. The End (Demo)
  3. Words For Your Eulogy

Additional information

Years active:

2006 - present

Band members:

  • Scott Barnes - clean vocals (since 2008)
  • Ramin Niroomand - lead guitar, piano, keys (since 2006)
  • Noah Slifka - rythym guitar (since 2007)
  • Tyler McElhaney - bass, samples, programming (since 2006)
  • Mehdi Niroomand - drums (since 2006)

Former members:

  • Cody Anderson - unclean vocals (2007-2010)
  • Tyler "Telle" Smith Wikipedia16 - clean vocals (2006-2008)
  • Jarred DeArmas - vocals (2005-2006)
  • Michael Guy - keyboard (2005-2007)
  • Davey Owens - guitar (2006-2007)


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