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This song is by In Dying Arms and appears on the album Boundaries (2012).

I touch your hair softly
A chill down my spine

The smile that you gave
Could never match mine
But I hesitate to take this chance
As I look at your face

I sit here across from you
Your eyes look in mine
I see the beauty in you
Your looking so good
I have to taste
I don't even know you
But i, I know your face, I know your face

Your beauty is mine
Try not to cry
There's no one but us

And then you scream
This is misunderstood
I rip off your clothes
I made it feel good
Your crying for help
But there's no one around
I give you a kiss
Then put you on the ground

I can't stop
I feel your heart
Its beating, ill rip it apart
You try to fight back
But there's no one but us
Ill take your beauty
You're so gorgeous

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