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Abomination Glorified

This song is by Impious and appears on the album Death Domination (2009).

No faith, no filth, no god
No not me, you'll never turn me to the light
Desperation, your fake salvation
Empty words forever to be preached

Bless those who curse you
Do good to those who hate you

Fuck that, I'll never need your lies
All my life I've walked the left hand path

You're the sinners of the light
Abomination glorified
You're the sinners of the light
Infectious sickening of the weak

You're the sinners of the light
Damnation purified
You're the sinners of the light
Faith fed by the revelation of death

A thousand years of religious wars
Never ending madness of fools
Thou shall not steal but still you kill
All in the name of your righteous god

I am no one
I am godless
I am Satan

Free from beliefs and all lies, diabolical life
Born of fire and blessed by sin


Written by:

Valle Adzic; Martin Akesson

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