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Be The President

This song is by Imperiet.

Somewhere deep down underground
At the bottom of a pit,
In a mine below the city,
Steely muscles ache and split.
Where childhood songs and tales
Heal the wound from your remorse.
Where window shopping eyes go
Looking for the source.

We were all born naked
With nothing in our cup.
Ten million tons of stone
Where the cities all grew up.
And the walls of Necropolis
Breathing pain sweat and hope,
Underground... underground

You can tell the children now.

Be the president
You be the president

In the starry black night
There's a feast behind your door.
All them debtcollecting letters
Get another birthday on your floor.
Down where life is short
A party in a dustbin.
Singing songs to children
'Bout no grief looking in.

Somewhere deep down underground
Sledgehammers sing their song,
'Bout a sun heating up our bodies
When the winter has been too long.
Let it echo in your brain
You're a need, a star, a gong,
Underground... underground.

Be the president
You be the president

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