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This song is by Imperial Teen and appears on the album Seasick (1996).

you ate your heart out
i'd eat it too
it burns and blisters
you want it to
i never swallow
i chew i chew
the darker berry
spit back at you
you can't take what i won't mean
it takes too long to hear you scream it
he was a troubled teen
he read a magazine
the prince wants to be a queen
suddenly the gun was loaded
it never came
i pulled the trigger
ignored the stain
tying the knot
tightens the strain
and death is worth the price of fame
i can't take what you don't mean
it makes them quiet
when you scream it
butch is pink
butch is blue
you like strawberries
i like you
i'd wear your dress
i'd burn it too
don't baby baby i'll baby you
i double meant it
you double knew
the double pleasure
i took from you
left before they came to save you
i want back the time i gave you
you were a troubled teen
you're in the magazines
the prince wants to be a queen

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