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Blaming The Baby

This song is by Imperial Teen and appears on the album Seasick (1996).

i don't wanna give you the time
that you give me
i din't wanna go to a be-in with you
you put me in a box
and cut into my psyche
you will find i'm done before starting with you
i know that daddy's reached his prime
now it's cradle robbing crime
but i'm too old for whine
just get it over with
i don't wanna give you the time
that you give me
i don't wanna go to the islands with you
put me in a box and make love to my skeleton
we can snuff my soul
and smoke after we're through
i can't play your touchy feel
it's not part of the deal
won't die for every meal
just get it over with
good boy gone sour
locked in a tower
good boy gone sour
paid by the hour
good boy gone sour

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