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Armageddon Tales

This song is by Impending Doom and appears on the album Signum of Hate (1998).

The final Chapter has just begun
Grounds are drowned by all the Blood
Red Streams are running from the Churches
Raped Angels are crying in Pain
The snowy Path leads to the Altar
Infernal Lightnings show the Way
Listen to my Words
Tis is Armageddon
Decay of Human Weakness
Obscuration in their Minds
Era of grotesque Glory
Millennium of the Tyrants Reign
Tales of Frost and Armageddon
Reign under the Sword of Destiny
Omens are just Reality
Endless moments of ultimate Eclipse
Covered your Eyes
The Sun has turned into black
Blacker than Night
Through the Garden of forbidden Delights
See a City of forgotten Minghts
Headless Statues cry it out
So look behind
The slanderous Light

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