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Keeper Of The Flame

This song is by Impale.

When the time is right,
I'll stand up and fight.
To the sound of screaming guitars.

Get out of my way,
I'm starting to play.
Noone can stop my metal crusade.

Deep in my heart there's no doubt,
raise my fist scream and shout.
Life is meant to be free,
in this moment you'll see.
I'm a rocker and lone,
not just one of those clones.

Keeper of the Flame
Gonna break the chains and run away.
Keeper of the Flame
Hold your head up high no matter what they say.

So stare at me,
I laugh you see.
I'm born in fire, bound by steel.

I'll never leave,
roll up your sleeve.
In a seconds time, you crossed my line.

repeat prechorus

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