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This song is by Imogen Heap and appears on the album I Megaphone (1998).

I am a mirror, with no reflection
I am a razor, without my blade
I am the daylight when the moons shines no
who will want to make my sandcastle that's already made

I feel so useless, do you

speak to an ear deaf to my voice
look through your fear, you're still blind to my way
I reach to hold you, but I don't feel you there, do you
even I realise I'm here am I just wasting away?
no wasting away
living, inside you play

I feel so useless, do you
I feel so useless, do you

my dying prayer, sealed in a scream
unwelcome care, and a conscious dream
I am your whore, without a name
I climb to fall, to begin again, to begin again

I am an arrow, with no direction
my life your tarot, and my picture your fate
I'm your becoming, so I'll always be nothing
if I ever break away from you that day forth,
you'll be living
my hate

oh god help his fate
I'll watch you, watch you suffocate

I feel so useless, do you
I feel so useless, do you
I feel so useless, do you
I feel so useless, do you

Written by:

Imogen Heap

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