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In Our Mystic Visions Blest

This song is by Immortal and appears on the album Damned In Black (2000).

Where the great winds blow
An ancient tide spills forth
Remember our diabolical pacts
Summoned by the
Call of the dark

Only in dark and
Sinister shadows
My thoughts come clear
And the voice in my mind
Sounds oh so real
The years of memory pass

In our mystic visions blest
Where the ground
Shudders wind
And the world
Shakes and roars
Our ghastly souls are one

In our mystic visions
Blest forever
Never bury the
Years that are gone
Our ghastly souls are one

Where the great winds blow
An ancient tide spills forth
Here we made diabolical pacts
Summoned by
The call of the dark

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