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Echoes Of Despair

This song is by Immolation and appears on the album Kingdom Of Conspiracy (2013).

The dawn of our collapse
Our system in decay
At the precipice of war
No longer can we last
We followed faithfully
Those who whold the keys
Lead us to the edge
Holding our breathes in fear
Fear empowers trust
Trust empowers greed
Greed breeds the corrupt
The corrupt will break the world
All around us the signs are there
Rip open your eyes and finally see
Times of peril, world in ruins
Secret motions, mass delusion
Like a storm coming at us from all directions
We can't find cover
We ignored the warnings and wrote them off
Now brace yourselves as your sacred pillars crumble
Clear the ash... clean the wounds
The enemy is now exposed
The echoes of despair... Now resonate like an earthquake
Find the way... Find the strength
Find the will... Bring the storm to them
The weight of time is crushing down
The world must rise... To fight back

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