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​Missing You

This song is by Imajin and appears on the album Imajin (1999).

I had to put the photographs of you away
It hurts so much to see you smile at me
Since you've been away I feel an empty space
That will never be replaced with memories

I can't believe that it's over
But this sure is a shame
But love was not enough to make you stay
So I had to say goodbye to yesterday
You went away

I tell myself I'm not missing you
(I'm not missing you)
But my heart it just won't listen (jus won't listen)
Even though I won't tell it to
I think about it all the time
Can't seem to get you off my mind
And it just won't seem to matter what I do
Can't stop missing you (missing you)
I'm missing you

Never thought each breath was gonna hurt so much
The heavy on my heart just won't subside
The time we spent together was just not enough
So I guess that's why I just can't say goodbye no

I can't believe that it's over
That the ties have all been freed
Still I'd give the world to just have one more day
(One more day)
Just a chance for me to hold you close and say
Please don't go away

Time will heal my wings and let me fly
(Far away)
Far above the river that I cry ooh
High above the borrow that has kept me from the truth
Somewhere out there you've been missing me like I've been missing you