Imajin:I Don't Wanna Play Basketball Lyrics

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I Don't Wanna Play Basketball

This song is by Imajin and appears on the album Imajin (1999).

(Intro: Talking)
Yo what's up with Olamide today man?
i don't know man
is he trppin or somethin (yeah he is)
he said he ain't comin
with his main boys to the court
(wants to play ball man)
what's up with that
you know what i'm sayin
(yeah that's what i'm sayin)
knowin that we play ball everyday
he just gonna sell out on us like that
you know what i'm sayin
that's straight up bull man (that nigga trippin)
you know what i'm sayin
he trippin like a heart attack (ha, ha, ha...)
what's up with that

We like em in the coupes...what? uh huh...yeah
ladies in the coupes...yeah...who this?
we like em in the coupes...what? uh huh... yeah
ladies in the coupes
we like em in the coupes...what?...uh huh...yeah
ladies in the coupes

(Verse 1: Olamide)
Today felt so good
ladoes cruisin through my hood
lookin like Hollywood
and my friends up to no good
they want me to play ball
but i'm sittin here waitin for your call
gotta get to the mall
and look at all the girls with no flaws

I don't wanna play basketball...yeah baby
cuz i'm to small to hoop...yeah baby
i just wanna get down wit ya'll
(i just wanna get down wit ya'll)...oh yeah
with the ladies in the coupes
(the ladies in the coupe)
i don't
i don't
i don't

(Verse 2: Olamide)
Don't wanna go to class cuz i din't make the team
i'd rather be chasin... uh uh
cuz that's my only dream
let em go play that ball
if only you could have it all yeah
find me a rich one
cuz baby i'm fine

(Chorus 2x)

(Hook 2x)

(Chorus 3x)