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This song is by Imajin and appears on the album Imajin (1999).

(Chorus 2x)
girl you are something else
you are

(Verse 1: Jamal)
I know this girl
always walk with me
but she talk to Steve
also talk to D
how could this be in my world
i don't know what to do
honey your so cool
i wanna be your fool
cuz she's...

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2: Olamide)
The way she smiles
something up her sleeve
i wish it was me
but the girl is just a tease
please wait until you see you'll freeze instantly
but all she wanna be...

(Chorus 3x)

(Verse 3: Imajin)
Party People
Imajin out to let you know
that girl will steal your show
never been so cold

(chorus till end)

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