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Ever Again

This song is by Imajin and appears on the album Imajin (1999).

I know you didn't mean
to make me cry
but you had to go
Ever since i heard you were goin
i haven't been able to sleep
i haven't been able to eat
girl i just hope this is a bad dream

(Verse 1: Olamide)
Last night i heard you were leaving
i'm all alone again
you were my only best friend
i'll never forget
why didn't we last
why did we end
how can i love someone ever again

(Verse 2)
You went away (check this out)
i had so much to tell you baby
i wanted to show you my heart
(see my heart, see my heart)
forever still this pain i still feel
from you leaving me
time will only heal
i'll never forget
you're my best friend
so tell me how can i love someone ever again

Baby you know i'm crying (i'm crying baby)
it's killing me (it's killing me) to think about you
it's because you're gone (because your gone)
i can't go on (i can't go on)
how can i love someone ever again
ever again

(Verse 3)
Now is the time that we say goodbye forever
how can i love someone
how can i love someone
(say it) ever again (ever again, again)


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