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Peaceful In Mine

This song is by Ilse DeLange and appears on the album Livin' On Love (2000).

When the sun comes up
On another day
And the sidewalk shines
And the streetlights sway
In the autumn wind
Hard, like the times
I'll dream of yours
Peaceful in mine

And when the stars
Fall out of sight
A flame will burn
In a frozen night
With a simple wish
In these violent times
To dream of yours
Peaceful in mine

Where we walk down that road again
Innocent strangers, eternal friends
In a world of our very own
Far from space and time
With yours, peaceful in mine

So wait for me
Up there tonight
And we'll dance on
Till the morning light
Leaving all but faith behind
And yours peaceful in mind

With a simple wish in these crazy times
And yours, peaceful in mine

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