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I'D Be Yours

This song is by Ilse DeLange and appears on the album World Of Hurt (1998) and on the compilation Here I Am 1998-2003 (2003).

If I were a ghost I'd haunt your house
Hang out in your rafters
You could be my mister Adams
I could be your Casper
I'd shake with you my afterlife of the unexplained
Walk through your walls let you rattle my chains
Yes I would

And if I were a snake I'd be a constrictor
Slicker than oil
I'd entice you with my slither wrap you in my coils
You could tie me in a thousand knots
And just watch me unfold
Hypnotize you with my stare swallow you whole
Think about it


Welcome to my world of make believe
Check your reality at the door
Within my wishes and my wildest dreams
If I could be anything
Well baby, I'd be yours

And if I were a bird I'd be an owl
Wise beyond my years
Watch over you each night, calm you of your fears
You could set my head to spinnin'
With those little things you do
Like sayin' it was me you loved
When I asked you "who"

Repeat chorus

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